Society of Thirteen - Ironbridge

Ironbridge Lecture and Tour

The Society of Thirteen have arranged for a one day visit – with a guide – to Ironbridge in  Shropshire on Wednesday 16 May 2012. NB the entry ticket we have to buy entitles a member to free entry to the various different sites in the heritage area for a full 12 months. Details of the trip and a booking form are attached.
Linked to the visit to Ironbridge we have arranged an additional lecture not included in the published programme. This will be given by Dr Barrie Trinder who is a writer, lecturer and consultant on industrial archaeology. 

NB. The lecture, entitled, ‘The Ironbridge Gorge: the Most Extraordinary District in the World’, will be at Bishop Lloyd’s Palace on Thursday 26 April starting at 1930 The lecturer will review the area’s historical importance  and reflect upon how the museum project took off in the 1960s and 70s, when Barrie was directly involved there. The lecture will be free to those booked on he trip referred to above. Other members will be welcome to attend at a fee of £3 payable at the door..

Visit to Ironbridge: Wednesday 16 May 2012

The proposed itinerary is as follows:  The coach will pick up in Chester at 0800 and arrive at the bridge at 0930 where we shall meet our guide for the day. We shall go to the Museum of the Gorge and then to the Victorian Town – Blists Hill in time for ‘iron pouring’ at 1100. 
Lunch will be provided at the Forest Glen Restaurant. (2 courses + coffee included in the overall price for the day) We shall leave Blists Hill at 1400 for the Museum of Iron.
The coach will leave Ironbridge at 16.30 and we plan to be back in Chester at approximately 1800. 

 Cost £49 per head including lunch and free admission to all sites.

 (NB the ‘passport’ ticket we are required to buy is valid for any number of return visits in the 12 months, and is charged at £16.95 pp, which is included in the overall price). 

If you wish to reserve places for this visit, please contact: Mike Nichol, 19 Plymyard Avenue, Bromborough, Wirral CH62 6BQ     Tel. 0151 346 1017 or just email a reply 
( and pay later.

Cheques should be made payable to The Society of Thirteen.