Scandimania Study Day

The Art of the Dark and Frozen North
A Study Day with Adrian Sumner
Saturday 29 November
Grosvenor Museum, Chester

Abandon any misconceptions - yes it can be cold, and yes it’s the Land of the Midnight Sun, but the Art can be a startling and brilliant revelation. Join me in this expedition of discovery (don’t worry, we probably won’t have to eat the sled-dogs.) And all in a single day.

10.30am - Arrive, sign in, drink coffee (or possibly tea).

10.45am - Lecture: Edvard Munch and the Expressionists (vs the World).
A crucial influence on 20th Century Art, and one of the originators of Expressionism in Germany, Munch is very much more than his popular image as the poster boy of Modern Neurosis. This lecture looks at Portraits (and Self-Portraits), Landscapes (External and Internal),  Public Commissions, Woodcuts and Lithographs, Vampires, Madonnas and the Nordic Summer Night. Romantic indeed, in the proper sense of the word.

11.45am - More coffee (unless you’re having tea.)

11.30am - Lecture: Nordic Landscape.
By which I mean the actual landscape- trees, rivers and so forth. Looking at the Landscape Art created by the emerging National Romanticism of the 19th Century, and featuring atmospheric views of lakes, fjords, forests, snowscapes, and the tiny spaces in them occupied by mankind. By artists of whose names you may never have heard, but , once seen, will never forget.

12.30pm - Lunch (Light but filling- includes fruit and drinks. Not many pies).

1.30pm - Lecture: The Bridge.
Of all the facets of Nordic Society and Culture covered by ‘Nordic Noir’…in books, films, television…. the one aspect glaringly conspicuous in its absence, is the Art. Why? Because it isn’t Noir—instead , it’s full of Light and Hope and, dare I say it, Joie-de-Vivre.  This lecture examines the scope of this art, from Neolithic stone-scrapings, via the Vikings, to the Golden Age in the 19th Century, and crucial contribution to Modernism in the 20th. (not just the same old lecture, by the way, but featuring lots of new slides, artists and musings, as well as sections on Images of Wildlife and Flora).

3.00pm - Questions, queries, points and issues.

3.30pm - Farewell.

The day costs £15 (yes, just £15) and includes refreshments and  lunch.
For booking, call Adrian Sumner on 01606 782516 or email on