The Story of the Willow Pattern Plate

The Story of the Willow Pattern Plate by Treasure Trove Puppet Co. at the Harlequin Theatre on Saturday 30 October.

Halloween Gig

Halloween Gig at Winnington Rec with Crash Site, No Signal, Allerjen and Solitary.

Crash Site
Crash Site



No Signal


George King Jazz Quintet

George King Jazz Quintet at Davenham Players Theatre, with George King, Andy Scott, Jon Thorne, Carl Raven and Jonas Backman.

Halloween Mask Workshop

Children worked with local artist Andy Leigh to create Halloween Masks.

Radio Play Workshop

Children worked over 2 days with Donna Frame and James North to write and record a radio play, including making their own sound effects. The play is called The Men in Black.

Comic Book Workshop

Children worked with artist Andy Leigh to create their own comic book.

The book is best viewed by clicking on fullscreen and book view.

Comic Book Autumn 2010

Sixty Favourite Paintings

Art lecture by Adrian Sumner on his sixty favourite paintings, celebrating his 60th birthday. Held at Harlequin Theatre on Monday 11 October.