Collect: Memorial Capture Project

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Memories will be collected by "The Memory Chiller", a character played by local artist Beth Barlow. "Its great to be involved in a project on my doorstep. I think it's a shame when memories melt away. By using my artistic skills in the Collect project I'm hoping to help save all those wonderful memories of the memorial hall for future generations. The memory Chiller character, who I'm playing, is a blast from the past to get people nostalgic and get us all chatting. After that I'll be back in normal clothes during the collection days at the Library, Weaver Hall Museum and the Memorial Hall."

Towards a New Alchemy Exhibition

Towards a New Alchemy Exhibition by Marc Willcox at London Road Studios.

Open 12noon - 4.00pm everyday until 14 December.

Northwich Christmas Lights

Christmas Tree in Brunner Court, with banners made by local Children's Centres.

The lights will be switched on on Friday 30 November at 4.30pm, starting with a Lantern Procession from the Bull Ring. Click here for details.

Witton Street Improvements

New steps and ramp at Northwich Library, and the installation of artwork adjacent to the Library. The original design workshop can be seen by clicking here.