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Sarah Ellen Hughes Jazz

Sarah Ellen Hughes performed at Davenham Players Theatre, accompanied by Dave Walsh, Gavin Barras and Dan Whieldon.

Degeneration Gig

Degeneration gig at Winnington Rec on Friday 26 November with A Question of Etiquette, Dyinise and Impaled Existence.

Jazz at the Players with 6pac

Jazz at the Players with 6pac Jazz Sextet on Thursday 26 November.

The Story of the Willow Pattern Plate

The Story of the Willow Pattern Plate by Treasure Trove Puppet Co. at the Harlequin Theatre on Saturday 30 October.

Halloween Gig

Halloween Gig at Winnington Rec with Crash Site, No Signal, Allerjen and Solitary.

Crash Site
Crash Site



No Signal


George King Jazz Quintet

George King Jazz Quintet at Davenham Players Theatre, with George King, Andy Scott, Jon Thorne, Carl Raven and Jonas Backman.

Halloween Mask Workshop

Children worked with local artist Andy Leigh to create Halloween Masks.

Radio Play Workshop

Children worked over 2 days with Donna Frame and James North to write and record a radio play, including making their own sound effects. The play is called The Men in Black.

Comic Book Workshop

Children worked with artist Andy Leigh to create their own comic book.

The book is best viewed by clicking on fullscreen and book view.

Comic Book Autumn 2010

Sixty Favourite Paintings

Art lecture by Adrian Sumner on his sixty favourite paintings, celebrating his 60th birthday. Held at Harlequin Theatre on Monday 11 October.

Poets in the Library with Angela France

Poets in the Library on Wednesday 29 September.

Angela France is a Gloucestershire-based poet whose second collection, Occupation is available from Ragged Raven Press. She has had poems published in many of the leading journals, and in a number of anthologies, most recently in A Twist of Malice. She has just completed an MA in Creative and Critical Writing at the University of Gloucestershire and is now studying for a PhD. Angela is features editor of Iota and an editor of the ezine The Creek Review. She also runs a monthly reading series and open mic, Buzzwords. The evening was hosted by Angela Topping.

Angela France

Angela Topping

Stuart McCallum Trio

Stuart McCallum Jazz Trio at Davenham Players on Thursday 23 September, featuring Stuart McCallum (Guitar), Luke Flowers (Drums) and Pete Turner (Bass).

Degeneration Gig

Degeneration Gig on Friday 17th September at Winnington Rec. Featuring Helsinki Seven, Hey Enemy and Adrenaline.
Crowd Shot

Helsinki Seven

Hey Enemy

Call of the Loon Bird

Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre performed Call of the Loon Bird at the Harlequin Theatre in Northwich on Friday 27 August.

A truly magical story, ‘Call of the Loon Bird’ follows the life of one man. In his youth he rescues a ‘Loon’, a bird of great wisdom, who later helps him on his own journey through life. Through early adversity, illness and later success as a shaman (storyteller and wiseman), he comes to realise and rely on the ‘Call of the Loon’ to help him and his people. A story of wisdom over intolerance, this show explores the stories and culture of the Native Americans.

Chinese Lantern Workshop

Held on Wednesday 25 August, children made Chinese Lanterns, with the help of Andy and Saul.

CheshireFM Radio Workshop

Our second Radio Workshop of the summer, held on Tuesday 24 August. Children worked with Donna and James to write and record their own spoof radio show. They also has a tour of the CheshireFM Studios with presenter Andy Stevenson.

Children with CheshireFM Presenter Andy Stevenson

Northwich Library Open Day

The Friends of Northwich Library organised an Open Day on Saturday 21 August. DAN provided music outside the Library, and poetry reading and badge making inside.

Madcap Folk Band
Sheila and Lindsay making badges

Tom Doughty Blues Guitarist
Face painting
Warhammer fantasy gaming

Fantasy Mask Workshop

Friday 20 August

Children spent the day working with artist Andy Leigh making masks.

Northwich Library Centenary

Mosaic created by children during the summer 2010, as part of the celebrations for the centenary of Northwich Library.

Northwich Library Centenary Mosaic

Children also produced 4 relief sculptures as part of the centenary celebrations. The sculptures are now on permanent display in Northwich Library.

Angels and Demons Writing Workshop

Children worked with Northwich poet Angela Topping to write short stories based on an Angels and Demons theme, and a Dragons theme.


The Fire Lesson

Now take a deep breath in and don't let it out
until you feel something burning at the back of your throat.

Now c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y into thin air, not the shed!
Blow out your boiling lava, his anxious mother said.

Ah good, you're getting better; keep trying until the fire is big,
Oh look, try and burn that little earwig.

Right, you're all set for tomorrow's lesson,
cooking burgers will be our next session.

My Dragon

My dragon crawls around my wrist and hides its head in manner,
sometimes it crawls up to my ear and tells me about his nanna.

Jewellery Dragon

slither slide, my dragon's alive:
I like pretty pinks and blues, my favourite part of the body is the wrist, on you.
I hide my head so fine, so i look like jewellery, twiddle, twine.

Advert for Diamond Dragon

come buy the diamond dragon,
heavier than a wagon,
needs a loving home,(as i can't look after it any more)
its back shaped like a dome.
Covered in diamonds, this dragon's called Simon.


soulful , thoughtful
flying, helping, protecting ,
halo, wings........... fire, pitchfork
killing, annoying scaring,
mean , bad

Joyful Demon

I am a joyful Demon, quite weird about my feeling.

I live in the attic at terraced house, and i like (devils food chocolate cake shhhhhhhhhh)

I hate KFC beans (as they make me very gassy)
Twinkle soup and sparkle potion is my favourite meal (quite sassy)

I remember happier times before i was thrown out of heaven and i hope it will all stay good, i like to say '' i want to eat you for dinner!'''



ANGEL = Vistie
DEMON = Grace

ANGEL: (looking at leaflet) Oh angel and demon workshops, I'm off!

Demon: (looking at leaflet) Angel and demon workshops? Looks good, better get my keys!

Angel: (talking to angela)  Oh! Hello are you the host for these workshops? And don't stand so open mouthed it's very rude!

Demon: (walks in, sits down,and whispers) Oh gosh! It's an angel, I'm gonna get her out of here!

Angel: (shocked and talking to demon) Oh kids? I didn't think there would be kids here did you?

Demon: (stares)

Angel: Oh,you're a demon, anyway I dont want to be mean, lets go to subway and leave these kids to be. I know where it is, follow me.

Demon: I'll just be a minute!


Demon: (exited) Ahhhhhhhhhhh this is my lucky day!

Demon: (catches up with Angel at the door) After you!

Angel: OK THANKS! (Angels walks out)

Demon: (locks door) ha ha ha ha!


Sleep tight

Thank You Angela!

Dr Who Workshop

Children spent the day making and drawing based on a Dr Who theme.