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Park to Park to Park

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"It’s a miserable life if we only ever value what costs money. So putting my money where my mouth is I have a gift for you. It’s presented across Northwich in numerous otherwise empty shop windows and three parks.

In the centre of town, in Weaver Square, Town Square, Market Way, and both the indoor and covered markets, the exhibition is called ‘Parrots n People n Poetry’. Spilling over from window to window, there are stories and songs about animals, birds, children, Arctic foxes and bears, an Arctic love story, ancient and modern world history including aspects of both world wars, the Empire, Indus and Chinchorro civilisations, how we spread around the world from the Olduvai Gorge - and all interspersed with vivid pictures. Parrots feature this year, with a carryover of seagulls from last year’s shop window exhibitions.

There is a wall-hanging and a new seagull installation made by the children of Witton Church Walk Primary School. Some University of Chester Academy pupils have produced art work considering parrots.

The making of the story of ‘Joel an Unexpected hero’, is detailed by Author Jane Butcher, in one of the children’s windows.

There are stories about a large range of lifeboat heroes, displayed within the covered market, which you can read on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

The children’s areas of Verdin Park, Church Walk Park and Vickersway Park all have their own displays, which will be increased over the next week or so. Across all three parks there are stories on fences and hanging from trees. Some of these stories are written specifically around these particular parks and the creatures living there.

This series of exhibitions is called ‘Park to Park to Park’, and carries the suggestion that all three parks can be visited in one day, taking a picnic. That would allow hill climbing in Verdin Park, outdoor Gym, animals and birds, and lovely ice cream in Vickersway Park and a nice paddle in the paddling pool at Church Walk, with children’s playgrounds in all three. Of course you would need to be a child to take advantage of the best bits.

I have been aided in this unfunded series of installations - in shop windows, markets and parks - by Colliers, Cheshire West and Chester, Northwich Town Council, and by Nick Hughes of DANArts, who produced the brilliant Hyacinth Macaw posters.

These installations will continue until 13 July, for your reading pleasure. They are intended to brighten up the town centre and enhance your pleasure in the great market town of Northwich.

The ten days recently spent in setting-up , has been a labour of love, using some of the work which I have produced over 30 years. It comprises songs, poems and stories – much based firmly on fact as it is known. Your part is to read and enjoy. Happy reading!"

Charlotte Peters Rock

Condate - Roman Northwich

Twenty-eight page booklet on Roman Northwich produced by DAN. Written by the late Brian Curzon, and illustrated by Michael Troy, Patricia Kelsall and Mike Schofield.

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Copies available from the DAN Office in Northwich Library for £1.00
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Brian Curzon (right)

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The Romans in Cheshire leaflet here.

Northwich Roman Helmet at Weaver Hall Museum


Original illustrations by Mike Troy and Pat Kelsall

Northwich Heritage Trail

Spend a day exploring the Industrial Heritage of Northwich, including Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse, Anderton Boat Lift, the newly restored Lion Salt Works (the last open pan salt works) and the Northwich Woodlands. There are also tunnels on the canal, locks on the river, a battlefield site, country houses, swinging bridges, moveable buildings and even a sewage pumping station to visit!

BBC Radio4 Programme on Cheshire Salt here.

Watch a fly-through tour of Northwich Heritage Attractions below.

Northwich Heritage Trail

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The trail can be started at any point but check opening days/times of each venue as they vary throughout the year.
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Tourist Attractions
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Northwich Artisan Market

The next Artisan Market in Northwich takes place on
Saturday 14 February

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