Picture This Exhibition

Picture This Exhibition at the VAC Gallery
Fri 30 August - Saturday 7 September

Photographs on Northwich and Illustrations by Ian Hill-Smith.

Some of the photographs will be used to produce a Northwich Calendar, which will be available to purchase later in the year.

Private View

Communisumption Review

Review of the Communisuption Exhibition at the VAC Gallery by Charlotte Hawksworth.

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Northwich Community Fun Day

Community Fun Day in Roker Park, organised by Northwich Town Council.

Memorial Hall Collect Project Films

The documentary was produced and edited by Katayoun Dowlatshahi, Lead Artist for Northwich, as part of the COLLECT: Memorial Capture Project, set up to document and collect memories associated with the Memorial Hall in Northwich prior to its demolition in 2013. It is the first of several regeneration initiatives in Northwich. Four archived films were found in the North West Film Archive and their re-emergence now resonates with the regeneration of Northwich town centre as three of the four films echo a similar theme of regeneration; they date from 1938. The narrative was researched and narrated by Brett Langston, Research Consultant at Cheshire Archives and Local Studies Section of the Record Office in Chester. The duration of the film is one hour. Copyright of archive footage is with North West Film Archive, Vicky Eachus and Sir John Deane's College.

This documentary was a joint production commissioned by Lead Artist for Northwich Katayoun Dowlatshahi on behalf of Cheshire West and Chester Council and filmed by Mid Cheshire College Students. The film was produced as part of COLLECT: Memorial Capture Project, to document the Memorial Hall in Northwich and associated memories prior to its demolition in 2013.
High Definition - 16 minutes long. Edited by Mid Cheshire College Students / Lead Editor Katayoun Dowlatshahi. Copyright Cheshire West and Chester Council and Mid Cheshire College. With thanks to North West Film Archive, Weaver Hall Musuem and Workhouse, Cheshire Dance, DAN Community Ltd, London Road Collective, Visual Art Cheshire and the people of Northwich who took part. Copyright of archive footage remains with North West Film Archive, Vicky Eachus and Sir John Deane's College

Click here to go to the Memorial Hall Collect Website

British Pathe also have a film of the 1946 Northwich Floods.
Click here to watch an excerpt of the film.
There are also many images of Northwich on the
Cheshire Image Bank website.

Facebook and Twitter Groups dedicated to 
Northwich Past and Present
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More British Pathe Newsreels featuring Northwich
Fishing Championship 1930
New Motor Launch on River Weaver 1938
A Queer Lift! 1931
Barge Lift 1964
Salt Cellars! 1931

BBC World Service Radio Documentary on Salt
Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

BBC Radio 4 Open Country
Cheshire Salt episode here.

Northwich from Above (1948) Here

Cheshire Tithe Map Website here.

Cheshire Archaeology Website here.

History of WinningtonWorks

BFI Film of the Northwich Gas Tower,
shot by SJD Students in 1966 here.

The Park - (Marbury Lady) Ghost film (2007)
Directed by Nick Gillespie
The Park won the Royal Television Society Award for North West undergraduate drama in 2007. Based on the Marbury Lady/White Lady ghost myth and filmed at Marbury Country Park, Northwich, Cheshire. The Park is a ghost film made by Nick Gillespie in 2006 which stars Phoebe Jones and Lauren Pressdee.


Dead City by James Kennedy - partly filmed in The Regal Cinema

Heritage Open Days 2015

In early 1962 radio personality Franklin Engelmann visits Northwich, Cheshire for the BBC Light Programme series 'Down Your Way' and interviews ex double bass (tuba) player and junk shop owner Joseph Allman.
Joe Allman's shop on Winnington Hill

Video by Northwich Punk Band The Red Neck Zombies, filmed around Northwich (2010).
Bingo at The Plaza

Artisan Market - Saturday 10 August

DAN organised entertainment in Brunner Court, and the artists were organised by VAC Gallery.

Photographs courtesy of Alan Carr and sketches by Ian Hill-Smith.

Many thanks to Stockdale, Todd Shorrock, Northwich Folk Club and Iain Bowley,  The Northern Bees, Quicksteps School of Dance, Beaver and Michael Taylor.

The next Artisan Market is on Saturday 14 September. If you wish to perform, please contact Nick Hughes in the DAN Office on 01606 41597.

Communisumption Exhibition at VAC Gallery

What was the first thing you did this morning? Brush your teeth? Take a shower? Or, did you anxiously search for your phone or some other device to check for overnight message streams and online activity? If this sounds like you, you're not alone but how many of us pause to question this neurotic behaviour that is now considered to be the norm?"

Cheshire based artist, Simon Kennedy certainly has. He's been busy producing artworks for an exhibition called  "COMMUNISUMPTION" which looks at how digital technologies such as the internet, smartphones and tablets are impacting upon our lives, quite literally changing the way we work, rest and play.

Simon says; “Digital technology has had a huge impact on our lives in so many ways. I really felt it was a worthwhile subject because it is something we are all involved with and can relate to”.

Amongst some of the works on display will be interactive 'Top Trumps Cards' based upon VAC gallery's ‘Facebook Friends'. A heady mix of painting, photography and installation, “Communisumption” will be launched on Friday the 9th August (7.00pm – 9.00pm) at VAC Gallery in Northwich. The exhibition runs until August 25th.

VAC Gallery is run by Visual Arts Cheshire Ltd and Development of the Arts in Northwich. Generously supported by Cheshire West and Chester Council, Northwich Town Council and Manchester Metropolitan University.

For any further information contact @vacgallery or if you are still using snail mail write to us at VAC Gallery 93 Witton St, Northwich, Cheshire. If you include a stamped addressed envelope we'll send you an origami tweet. Telephone the DAN office for further information on 01606 41597. Curated by Emma Thackham.

VAC Gallery open Daily from 10.30am - 4.00pm (closed Wednesday and Sunday) - Admission Free

Graham Evans MP and his son Tom visiting the exhibition and making origami tweets.