Angels and Demons Writing Workshop

Children worked with Northwich poet Angela Topping to write short stories based on an Angels and Demons theme, and a Dragons theme.


The Fire Lesson

Now take a deep breath in and don't let it out
until you feel something burning at the back of your throat.

Now c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y into thin air, not the shed!
Blow out your boiling lava, his anxious mother said.

Ah good, you're getting better; keep trying until the fire is big,
Oh look, try and burn that little earwig.

Right, you're all set for tomorrow's lesson,
cooking burgers will be our next session.

My Dragon

My dragon crawls around my wrist and hides its head in manner,
sometimes it crawls up to my ear and tells me about his nanna.

Jewellery Dragon

slither slide, my dragon's alive:
I like pretty pinks and blues, my favourite part of the body is the wrist, on you.
I hide my head so fine, so i look like jewellery, twiddle, twine.

Advert for Diamond Dragon

come buy the diamond dragon,
heavier than a wagon,
needs a loving home,(as i can't look after it any more)
its back shaped like a dome.
Covered in diamonds, this dragon's called Simon.


soulful , thoughtful
flying, helping, protecting ,
halo, wings........... fire, pitchfork
killing, annoying scaring,
mean , bad

Joyful Demon

I am a joyful Demon, quite weird about my feeling.

I live in the attic at terraced house, and i like (devils food chocolate cake shhhhhhhhhh)

I hate KFC beans (as they make me very gassy)
Twinkle soup and sparkle potion is my favourite meal (quite sassy)

I remember happier times before i was thrown out of heaven and i hope it will all stay good, i like to say '' i want to eat you for dinner!'''



ANGEL = Vistie
DEMON = Grace

ANGEL: (looking at leaflet) Oh angel and demon workshops, I'm off!

Demon: (looking at leaflet) Angel and demon workshops? Looks good, better get my keys!

Angel: (talking to angela)  Oh! Hello are you the host for these workshops? And don't stand so open mouthed it's very rude!

Demon: (walks in, sits down,and whispers) Oh gosh! It's an angel, I'm gonna get her out of here!

Angel: (shocked and talking to demon) Oh kids? I didn't think there would be kids here did you?

Demon: (stares)

Angel: Oh,you're a demon, anyway I dont want to be mean, lets go to subway and leave these kids to be. I know where it is, follow me.

Demon: I'll just be a minute!


Demon: (exited) Ahhhhhhhhhhh this is my lucky day!

Demon: (catches up with Angel at the door) After you!

Angel: OK THANKS! (Angels walks out)

Demon: (locks door) ha ha ha ha!


Sleep tight

Thank You Angela!