Vampire Writing Workshop

Short stories created by young people on our Vampire Writing Workshop on Thursday 5 August 2010

Welcome to Count Donalds

By Ciara Taylor

One moonlit night Count Dracula went for a very satisfying meal at Count Donalds. When he got to the till he said, “Hello. Vot are your specials?”

The Vampman that was working on the till said, “Ham and cheese Veignstie, Scary’s blood orange milkshake and Francies with blood sauce. That is the specials Count”.

“Vot about pudding?” Count Dracula asked.

“It’s bloodberry muffins,” said the Vampman.

“How much is the whole meal?” said Count Dracula.

“The meal is £5.99.”

“Ok then here is the money.”

“Sorry Count, that is only £4.99”

“WHAT!?!?” shouted Dracula.

“I’m sorry Count!”

Then suddenly a great wind brushed past all of the eating customers and blood was all up the walls! Count Dracula killed the Vampman! Then he ran at the speed of light out of the door and into the moon light.

The End

This ending was happy for some!


New Primark
B10 0ds

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and a bargain... wait for it...

By Grace Evans Age 11

A Vampire Story

One day I went on a school trip to 'Everblack Castle' overnight. Arhgggggggg!
Everyone was so exited but not me. I was the last one to get off the coach clinging to the teacher in horror.
"Vistie's such a baby" they'd whisper thinking I couldn’t hear them, but I could.

The Castle was high up in the hills and it was windy up there but that wasn't the problem; the problem was that it was winter and nearly 6:00pm and that was when it started to go dark.

When it was bedtime I got into my cold and uncomfy bed and lay there awake and scared. I saw a shadow but it was just Miss Waylight coming to check we were all asleep.

She walked up to my bed - "oh Vistie I thought you’d be awake, now get those eyes closed and try to sleep".

I knew Miss Waylight wasn't thick but I thought tricking her might work - "but miss I feel sick and I have a headache".

"Ok I’ll get you some hot chocolate". And that was it, she was off. I was left all alone.

Then the curtains blew but I wasn’t scared. WAIT! Now I was. I could hear my heart beating like thunder.


I was s-h-a-k-i-n-g with fear, I couldn’t see very well but it was tall, thin and big.

THEN the door swung open and the lights flashed on. I saw a mug of hot chocolate was coming my way because Miss Waylight has jumped out of her skin!


The hard mug had hit and burnt me and I was screaming like hell.

Then the big dark thing came up to me and gave me a hug,


By Vistie Marsden