Art History Lectures Spring 2019

Art History Lectures with Adrian Sumner

Winnington Park Recreation Club
Park Road

2.00pm - £5.00

Charles Rennie Mackintosh 
and the Glasgow School
Wednesday 13th March

An in-depth look at the many facets of the work of C R Mackintosh, including Architecture, Decoration, Furniture, Interiors, Jewellery, Painting, Posters and all aspects of 2 and 3-D design, taking in the essential contribution of McNair and the Macdonald sisters to the instantly-recognizable Glasgow style.... visiting the Glasgow School of Art, The Hill House, Miss Cranston’s Tea Rooms, the House for an Art Lover,other Glasgow landmarks, and 78 Derngate, naturally. The Arc of a Love-affair indeed…

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There is a DAN Trip to the Charles Rennie Mackitosh Exhibition at The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool on Saturday 16th March with Adrian to introduce us to the exhibition. Details here.

Amazons of the Avante Guarde
Wednesday 1st May

Looking at Women artists from around the Globe, including shadowy Renaissance stars, explosive Baroque talents, neglected Impressionists, remarkable Russian Revolutionaries, and wonderful female Surrealists (including Leonore Fini, the Sphinx of Surrealism), Flappers, Beatniks and Mods.. And of course the many celebrities and superstars of today.

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The Renaissance in Florence
Wednesday 22nd May

They say that half of all the Art in the world is in Italy, and half of that is in Florence. Clearly an exaggeration, but revealing the impulse to credit this great and beautiful city with the re-awakening of classical values and the invention of a new way of seeing the world, starting with Literature and expanding to include the Architecture, Painting and Sculpture millions of us travel to this enchanting city every year to see.. We look at many of the greatest artists of all time, including Giotto, Masaccio, Botticelli, Fra Angelico, Donatello and the early life of Michelangelo and Leonardo. Something to bring tears to your eyes (well, that’s Stendahl effect for you).

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