VAC Gallery Open Exhibitions

Friday 1 March - Thursday 14 March
"20 x 20" MINI-EXHIBITION - open to all abilities and ages.
See your mini-masterpiece displayed on the wall and maybe it will sell!

  • The small 20cm square canvasses are widely available (try The Works who have been selling them at 99p). We have a small number in the VAC gallery if you can't get hold of them elsewhere
  • What you put on your canvas is up to you - prints, collage and photos are allowed - not everyone can paint!.
  • As long as it isn't offensive we will display everything that is submitted. You may submit as many as you like - we will just take an admin fee of £2 per submission. If you sell your canvas we will not take any commission.
  • Entry forms available soon (check here) or call in at VAC gallery. You can also complete the form when you bring your work.
  • Submissions from 18th Feb onwards
If any queries email us or call in.

Friday 22 March - Friday 12 April  

  • all accepted submissions will be charged at £4 (this is an admin fee)
  • 3 submissions max per person  - at least 1 of which must be for sale.
  • Paintings, prints, textiles, ceramics, photography sculpture are all eligible.
  • Exhibits must be covered by your own insurance.
  • Work must be original and produced by the entrant.
  • A luggage label must be attached to the backof your submission by string.  The label must show your name, your artwork's medium and selling price (if applicable). Please also write your name onto a sticky label attached to the back of your work.
  • VAC will charge 25% commission for each sold item. Please bear this in mind when pricing your exhibit.
  • Mirror plates must be attached to your work - no clip frames, string, wires or hooks will be allowed.
  • Secure cabinets are available for small and medium sized artwork.
  • We have a couple of plinths - contact us if you think you will need one.
  • For large pieces (over 1 metre square) check with us for space availability.
  • The exhibits selected for display will  chosen by a selection panel. 
  • All work to be submitted on Mon 18th March (the gallery will be open from 10:30am to 7:30pm
  • Please contact us if this is a problem.-
All exhibited work to be collected on Sat 13th or Sun 14th April.

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