Cheshire Artists Network/Blaze Poetry Workshop

During the Mid-Cheshire Poetry Society workshop (Blaze), held in the VAC Gallery on Monday 3 February, some of the members wrote poems inspired by the artworks.

IVORY inspired by Michael Troy’s ‘Bull Elephant’

Ivory, better
in Elephants while
alive, than statues alone
and dead

by John S Davies

PERSPECTIVE inspired by Sue Malkin’s  ‘Blue Skye’

From far
the mountains
look small, and the tiny
waves, lapping at the shore line
look huge.

by John S Davies

THE TREE inspired by Ann Johnson’s ‘Tatton Tree’

Ice dream
Stardust on tree
A bell chimes then o’clock
Winter moon shines through icicles
Tree sleeps.

by Maureen Weldon

DIAMONDS SQUABBLE inspired by Sam Houston’s ‘Deflect’

House looms.
Lantern patchwork.
Orange lines, rusted string.
Dull diamonds, black, squabble in fog.
Face bruised.

by Edwin Stockdale

SUMMER HEDGEROW inspired by Ann Roach’s ‘Summer Hedgerow’

stems, stalks and leaves:
haphazard shelter
for any bird, bug or flying creature
to hide.

Sun’s eye
and predator alike
excluded now
from this close thatched haven

Thorn and bramble
keep out
careless interfering hands
until ripening blackberries

violets, cow-parsley
and buttercups scatter here
striping the hedge with colours

Hot sun
brings out the scent
a green spice of leaves
the contented buzz of insects

Within the hedge
little paths zigzag
and twist, rising to different levels.
Inhabitants descend,

by Angela Topping 

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