The Plaza Cinema Exhibition

During the recent Northwich Art Trail Exhibition and Heritage Open Days at the Plaza Cinema in Northwich, visitors left their memories of visiting The Plaza as children, and comments on the exhibition and building.

The Plaza was opened in 1929, and is Grade II Listed. It ceased to be a cinema in the mid 1960s, and was used for bingo until 2011.

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Via Facebook:

I have never been inside, but I can see it would be a superb theatre, with some atmosphere and character. I do hope this can come about before the building deteriorates and the inevitable happens!

My husband remembers it well, as he was born and brought up locally. He recalls arranging to meet a girl on the steps one evening. He got there first, but his mates arrived so he had a change of heart and went in with them, instead of waiting for his 'date'.

Not long after the film had started the 'stood up' one located him in the cinema and smacked his face! Cue for hilarity from his mates. He can't remember whether they were all thrown out or just roundly told off by the Manager. I admire the girl's spirit though!