Collect: Hoardings Poetry Project

As part of the Collect: Memorial Capture Project, poet Dominic Berry is working with children from Witton Church Walk Primary School, University of Chester Academy Northwich (UCAN) and the Age UK OPEL group to write poems based on the past and future of the Memorial Hall.

Some of the poems will be used to decorate the hoardings around the new Memorial Court whilst under construction. They will be installed on 4/5/6 February by Ultimate Holding Company, who designed the interpretation of the poems.

Launch Event

The Poems will be launched at Witton Church Walk Primary School on Thursday 13 February at 5.30pm. Everyone is welcome, and a free booklet of the Poems will be available.

Children from Witton Church Walk School and Age UK OPEL members with Dominic Berry and Clr. Julia Tickridge

In the future we will dive and swim in wonderful, warm waters.
Come with your friends and join in with the fun, splash and play all day long.
Get wet - no one will care,
Get chlorine all in your hair!
And when our fun has come to an end...
We know we'll be back again!

Click here to download the Poems in Poster Format

The Poems being installed on the hoardings along Chesterway on Thursday 6 February

Launch of the Poems with Dominic Berry, Clr Stuart Parker and Clr Julia Tickridge

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Performance of the Poems by Children from Witton Church Walk School and UCAN Rudheath

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The Beatles before they played the Memorial Hall on 27th April 1963
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