No Limitz Exhibition

The exhibition from three professional artists will provide a zesty mix of inspired glass art, fine minimalist porcelain objects and architectural photo collages. All have one strong theme, each artist is beyond the normal limits of their discipline, there is No Limitz.

Carys Boyle - Ceramics
Her inspiration for these minimalist forms comes from investigating negative space found within the natural world, usually from the coastal environment. She is particularly drawn to the organic forms of driftwood, the smooth contours of pebbles and the patterns created by seaweed left on sand and rocks. Carys combines two traditional ceramic techniques called slip casting and slip trailing to create innovative and modern pieces, which concentrate of form. Her work can be seen at

Richard Cowley - Collage Artist
Formerly from an architecture background, he has created huge collages both for domestic, commercial and educational clients. His Lymm collage studio has been running for 2 years where he has been busy with over 180 collages, using some 15,000 images in his works. From small residential holiday/wedding collages to an 11metre long Bus Station mural, Richards complex works can turn even the most serene wedding imagery into a surreal complex of imagination. See for examples of his work.

Helen Davies - Contemporary Glass
Helen specialises in glass painting and fusion to create her range of art work. Helen’s glass evokes the transitional qualities found in elements combining nature and thought. She creates glass art for both exteriors and interiors to enhance the surroundings as well as being sympathetic to its given environment. Her portfolio ranges from splashbacks, wall panels, framed glass artwork, coasters and handmade glass jewellery. Helen also runs courses for individuals and small groups wanting to learn the techniques of fused and kiln formed glass. See

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"iBridge" Photo Collage by Richard Cowley

"Northwich" Photo Collage by Richard Cowley

"Chalice" Photo Collage by Richard Cowley

"Dice Roof" Photo Collage by Richard Cowley